#300: Update On the Midwestern Tornado Situation


Update: Someone who was near the storm said that there were five different multi-vortex tornadoes, ranging from El Reno to Yukon to Piedmont, Oklahoma. We have also been told that the death count has been updated to nine dead instead of five.

Oklahoma City and the suburbs were hit by tornadoes; Moore was one of the places under a tornado emergency. Tornadoes and flash flooding hit Arkansas “late Thursday and early Friday”. (Source: KOCO.com) Missouri was also hit by tornadoes, with one appearing near Harvester. (Source: CNN.com) Flood watches and warnings have been put in effect “for a band of states from Oklahoma through Missouri up through Illinois”. (Source: LA Times) The tornadoes that hit Kansas caused damage in the towns of Marysville, but there were no fatalities or serious injuries. There are, however, some livestock missing. (Source: The Hays Daily News)

The storm hit parts of Interstates 35 and 40 as part of its path. There were overturned big rigs and cars on the roadway as a result; according to CNN, the “National Guard, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the state Office of Emergency Management” have been called out to try and help the folks stuck on the highways. As of this writing, KOCO reports that 5 have died and 50 are hurt in Oklahoma, and there are missing people and confirmed fatalities in Arkansas. Six counties in the state are now being called disaster areas. (Source: Yahoo! News) In addition to Missouri, Iowa and Illinois are said to have flood concerns. (Source: Newser)

If you have lost an animal in the tornadoes, Netposse can help: http://netposse.com/newsviewer.asp?id=936#Horses

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Stay safe!

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